Noahide Torah Fundamentals (Registration)

Lay the foundations for a life of meaningful Torah learning – and banish any misconceptions left over from your former religion! Learn to see the world from a Torah-perspective, and prepare yourself to handle moral dilemmas according to God’s seven laws for all mankind.

About this Class

In this weekly 2-hour class, Noahide Teacher Jacob Scharff will share the secrets to learning the Noahide laws from the original sources, and show you how to apply them in your daily life. In this class, you will:

  • unlearn common misconceptions all new Noahides carry with them
  • find the details of your seven laws in primary Torah sources
  • learn to apply the seven laws to real life situations
  • learn how to resolve difficult and tricky questions

The class will cover the first book of Rambam’s Mishneh Torah, called “The Book of Knowledge”, which includes:

  • The Foundations of The Torah
  • Character Development
  • Torah Study
  • The Laws of Idolatry and Blasphemy
  • Repentance

From the importance of knowing God to the power of Repentance, Jacob backs up every insight with examples you’ll never forget. This class is perfect for ex-Christians, new Noahides, or any non-Jews looking to truly understand and apply the seven laws in their day-to-day lives.

Where and When

The class will meet online, via GoToMeeting (or a similar service).

The class will meet every Sunday evening, between 6pm – 8pm (Central Time), from 4/21/2019 through 9/22/2019.

About the Teacher

Jacob Scharff has been a Torah-observant Noahide for more than 25 years, and has a Haskamah to teach from Beth Midrash Ohel Moshe in Israel. He has taught numerous online Torah classes, and has been learning the Seven Laws directly from the Jewish sources, particularly the Mishneh Torah, under the guidance of his teachers for the majority of his adult life. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN, USA, with his lovely wife, where he spends his time working with computers, wrangling cats, and studying Torah.

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