Guide For The Noahide – Ep 3: Finished Author’s Preface


We discuss the idea of Noahide scholarship after wrapping up our discussion of Jewish literature in relation to Bnei Noach.

This week we continue studying Guide For The Noahide from page iv of the Author’s Preface and conclude reading the Author’s Preface in this episode.

Grab your book as we continue our reading and discussion. Join us each week for about an hour per episode as we learn the details of the Seven Laws for Bnei Noach.

In this episode we talk about Talmudic pilpul-style (back-and-forth argumentation), why we use RambaM’s Mishneh Torah to learn Noahide Halachah rather than directly from Talmud, and how does one become a Noahide Scholar. Then we end with discussing the author’s goal for this book so that we can beginning reading Part 1 next episode.

As serious and dedicated Noahides, we know it is incumbent upon us to learn the details of the Sheva Mitswoth as required by HaShem our God. We’ll be using the book Guide For The Noahide as a basis for learning and delving into the details of the Seven Noahide Laws, character development, and wise practices. Our format is a read-discuss format, which means we read one paragraph then stop and discuss it, read another paragraph then stop and discuss it, etc. We’ll be able to cover several paragraphs in each weekly episode and we encourage anyone interested in learning Noahide halachah to study with us. Take notes and post your questions or comments in the video so we can continue having an off-video discussion.

We would like to thank the author, Rabbi Michael Shlomo Bar-Ron, as well as the publisher, Lightcatcher Books, for kindly giving us permission to use Guide For The Noahide for this project.

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