Teshuvah and Noahides: Can Noahides make Teshuvah?


Each year around the High Holidays I see comments from some well-meaning people stating that concepts like Teshuvah either don’t apply to us Gentiles, or are somehow different for us than for Jews. However, it is evident from the Tanakh-based illustrations used by the Sages of Israel to explain these concepts that the concepts of Freewill, Sin, Reward & Punishment, Teshuvah, and Atonement do indeed apply equally to all mankind, both Jews and Non-Jews. So, we made this video discussing the issue and clarifying some misunderstandings.

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Jacob Scharff has been a Torah-observant Noahide for more than 20 years, has taught numerous Torah classes, and recently received a Haskamah from one of his main teachers. He has been learning the Seven Laws directly from the Jewish sources, particularly the Mishneh Torah, under the guidance of his teachers for the last decade. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN, USA, with his lovely wife, where he spends his time playing with computers, studying Torah and doing Mitswoth.


  1. I really appreciate your teaching. The wife and I are Noahides but we have come from a long history of Christian leadership(ordained Church of the Brethren pastor, Two House Hebrew Roots movement , Messianic Judaism and lastly start up congregation of Hebrew Roots. We have of late found some fellowship in a Tanya Class at Dayton Chabad. Fellowship with other Noahides is not available. We are sharing with family as the Lord leads but they have not yet accepted the Noahide perspective.
    I really would appreciate knowing your congregations address we live in Ohio but we might travel in the summer in that dirction.

    • Abby Sookraj on

      Hi Cory. Your journey out of Christianity sounds a lot like Jacob’s! We leave in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’ve hosted Noahide visitors to the area so when you’re ready, just let us know. Best way to reach either Jacob or myself is on Facebook or email us at beingnoahide (at) gmail.


    I am so very happy to agree with Jacob Scharff. Interestingly, the Ramabam does not say that Teshuva is a Mitzvah. It is an option open naturally to all people.

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