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On this site, we hope to be able to share with you the beauty and simplicity of Being Noahide.

Nearly 20 years ago, I was going through the process of converting to Judaism.  That is to say, I was working towards becoming a Jew.  This involved living in a Jewish community, attending synagogue, keeping kosher, learning to pray, and much much more.

However, as I neared the end of the process, and became more familiar with the Torah, I realized what I was doing would fundamentally change my very nature – from being a Noahide (i.e. a non-Jew) to being a Jew – and that going through this change would be a one-way process, which I could never undo if I ever changed my mind.

Reflecting upon this, I realized that while I had very thoroughly studied what I would be changing into, I had very little idea what I was changing from.  And, many questions occurred to me:   What is a Noahide, exactly?  How does a Noahide serve God?  What is a Noahide actually obligated to do, from the Torah?  What would a Noahide community look like?  What is the role of Noahides in the world?  Why did God create both Jews and non-Jews?

In short, what would Being Noahide actually entail?

I had no answer to these, and many other, fundamental questions.  And, even more surprisingly, neither did the many Jews and Rabbis that I posed with these questions!

So, I paused my conversion process, with the intent of returning and completing it at a later date, and set out to discover what it means to serve God as a Noahide. And, over the last 20 years, what I’ve discovered is a way of life which had been almost entirely forgotten by humanity – both Jew and non-Jew alike.  A way of life which is both beautifully practical, intellectually fulfilling, and deeply spiritual.

So, on this site, I hope we can share with you some of what Being Noahide is all about.  Hopefully it will be helpful… and perhaps also a little entertaining.


About Author

Jacob Scharff has been a Torah-observant Noahide for more than 20 years, has taught numerous Torah classes, and recently received a Haskamah from one of his main teachers. He has been learning the Seven Laws directly from the Jewish sources, particularly the Mishneh Torah, under the guidance of his teachers for the last decade. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN, USA, with his lovely wife, where he spends his time playing with computers, studying Torah and doing Mitswoth.

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  1. Good day sir,

    I’m very interested to know the answers to the questions posed in this website about knowing what it means being a noahide. How does one do it? Where does one start?

    You’re response would be highly appreciated. Shalom.

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