2 Noahides Build a Sukkah in 3 Minutes


This is a video of us building our Sukkah for Sukkoth 5773 (2012) in only 3 minutes (time-lapsed).  It took us about 6 hours, in real time, with numerous breaks.


We finished right before sundown, just in time for the first night of Sukkoth (aka. the Festival of Booths).  If you watch closely towards the end of the video, you can see us doing Kiddush and eating our first meal in the Sukkah.  It was quite lovely.

Our Sukkah is a pre-made kit that we got from Sukkah Soul (http://sukkahsoul.com).  This is our second year using it, and we really like it, even though the walls are a bit thin for the climate here in Minnesota.  It would be a little better suited to Southern California… but, we’ve got sweaters.

Rather than gathering our own S’khakh (the roofing of the Sukkah), we opted to purchase a pre-made S’khakh mat from The Sukkah Center (http://sukkah.com).  It has worked out wonderfully.  And, having roofed a number of Sukkoth in the past the natural way, I must confess I greatly prefer the mat – it saves a LOT of time and maintenance (barukh Hashem!).

The song in the video is “Oseh”, by the band Shtar (http://shtarmusic.com).  It’s their rendition of the traditional daily prayer for peace.  You should go purchase their albums now!  Their music is beautiful!

Let us know what you think of the video, in the comments below.

And, Chag Sameach!



About Author

Jacob Scharff has been a Torah-observant Noahide for more than 20 years, has taught numerous Torah classes, and recently received a Haskamah from one of his main teachers. He has been learning the Seven Laws directly from the Jewish sources, particularly the Mishneh Torah, under the guidance of his teachers for the last decade. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN, USA, with his lovely wife, where he spends his time playing with computers, studying Torah and doing Mitswoth.


  1. I loved this so very heartfelt and beautiful…this touched me deeply and I send blessings of love and peace to you dear hearts….Shalom.

    • Jacob Scharff on

      I saw them do a live performance on an Israeli show via webcast, about a year ago. I don’t recall the name of the show… but, shortly after, we bought their first album (online), and it’s been in constant rotation since.

      Can’t wait for their new album to come out!

    • I love Shtar’s music. When we were picking out songs for this video their “Ashrei” song was also at the top of our list.

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